A decent point against a resurgent Villa

Friday night was a strange one. The post match train issues passed me by, other than the announcement that because of the issues, the bars would stay open until 11. This generated the second biggest cheer of the night! And also made for a very enjoyable catch up with old friends.

The game itself was a bit meh. Once again the post international break game was a bit flat and, whether it was this, or the upset of losing Mr Calderwood to the other side, the game seemed to lack any real urgency. Duffy and Dunk dithered or hoofed and Dale and Sidders struggled to gain any purchase in midfield. It was a typical wily old Bruce set up and we should be thankful for the one bit of brilliance between Baldock and Murray that created a goal that was very easy on the eye and very timely.

Half time optimism was high, but it wasn’t fulfilled. Villa outplayed us in the second half, including a 15 minute spell where i don’t think we had the ball for more than two touches. Having said that, the greater quality seemed to come from Albion and we could easily have nicked it at the end.

Villa are much better proposition than earlier in the season and are bound to be in the mix at the end. So a decent point has to be welcomed. Newcastle’s win at Leeds sends them 5 clear of Albion who are in turn 4 clear of Reading. Promises to be a thrilling ride as we are sure to improve on this lacklustre showing.

Lovely move by the club to knock a £1 off a pint at the end. Well I appreciated it anyway. Finally kicked out about 11.15 and gave up on the train, but luckily got a bus after about 30 mins.

Overall a most enjoyable evening, with bigger and better certainly still to come.

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